Designing A Spa-Pool Combination That Works In Your Backyard

The addition of a spa or jacuzzi to a pool (either existing or planned) means you're going to have a very relaxing backyard. Not only will you have the big pool for exercise and splashing about, but you'll have the warmer, soothing spa where you'll be able to sit and enjoy just being quiet. The spa can be separate from the pool or integrated into the pool, and each configuration affects water usage, access, and temperature.

3 Useful Tips When Purchasing a Pool Cover

Having a pool on your property is amazing in that it lets you swim whenever you want. However, you do need to maintain it properly over the years. One way of doing this is by investing in a pool cover. Making this purchase won't be difficult thanks to these tips.  Get the Right Size Pool covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes today. It's paramount that you select the right size so that the cover adequately covers your pool and works like it's supposed to.