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Keeping A Hotel's Pool Tile Looking Great

If you run a small hotel, you may also be in charge of taking care of the pool. A hotel pool gets a lot of use on a daily basis, and this makes it very important for you to stay on top of its condition. If you are diligent about cleaning the tile in the hotel pool, then it won't get out of control and will always look great. By following the tips below, you can keep the tile in your hotel's pool looking great without a lot of work.

Swim with a pumice stone

The best way to keep the pool's tile looking great is to take a pumice stone into the pool with you. You can also use this as the perfect excuse to get a little time in the pool. Look for any areas where calcium is starting to make an appearance. Go over those areas with the pumice stone while you enjoy time in the pool. If you make it a point to do this at least a couple of times a month, you won't have to worry about getting into more detailed cleaning.

Use calcium cleaner, pumice stone and a wire brush

If you haven't stayed on top of the pool tile the way you should have, you may need to take tile cleaning up to the next level. You can spray each piece of tile with calcium cleaner and use a wire brush to scrub the tile. Go over any stubborn areas with the pumice stone. You can use the corner of the pumice stone to reach in the separations of the tile and get the build-up off the grout.

Regularly brush the tile

Many people are pretty diligent about scrubbing the sides and bottom of their pool when they clean it. However, many don't lift the pool brush up far enough to get the tile as well. Put a little extra energy into brushing the pool, and make sure to get the tile well. If you have a regular pool person who cares for the hotel's pool, make sure they get the tile well. This will help to keep the tile free of calcium build-up.

Have the tile blasted with glass bead

If you allow the tile to get out of control, you may need to have it blasted with glass bead. This will remove all the build-up and give you a fresh start. The process is fairly involved and you will need a professional to do it, unless you are experienced with sand blasting.

By following the pool maintenance tips above, you will be able to keep the hotel pool's tile looking great. Since the tile is the decorative part of the pool, this is important to the entire appearance of the pool.