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Factors To Consider Before Filling Your Pool With Water From The Hose

Traditionally, people would just pop their water hose in their pool after the pool construction was completed in order to fill it up. The problem is that there are a few issues with using this approach. Here's some information about using hoses for filling up your pool as well as an alternative.

Water Bills and Regulations

The bill for using water through your hose could actually be higher than if you used other methods. Your utility may actually have a ban on using the water in your house in this way. Additionally, some areas may have bans on using water past a certain amount for filling pools based on the city or state regulation.

This ban could be temporary due to a drought or permanently due to a more long-term law. If you plan on using your water hose in this way, it's worth checking these regulations for your area first before you commit to it.

Maintenance Issues

It takes hours for a pool to fill up from your water hose, and you have to watch it the entire time. This means that you're going to have to sit there from the time you turn on the hose until it finishes, because if you don't you could overfill and cause all sorts of damage and even incur fines from your district.  


Water from your hose isn't absolutely guaranteed to be fit to swim in, so you're going to have to go to a pool store in order to get it tested anyway. Then, you'll need to purchase more cleaning and treatment chemicals than normal. The chemicals you need to maintain pools are different than those that you need in order to treat them initially.

Arranging for Water Delivery

If you'd rather make this process easier, you can instead aim to get pool water delivered to your pool. The company doing this will often take care of all concerns for you. It will be up to them to look out for zoning codes and regulations for how the water is used. The onus will also be on them to make sure the water is treated properly so that you can swim in it.

Many delivery companies may also have options for filtration as well. You can get the full amount filtered and then given back to you if you want to save water when opening for the season next year instead of dumping it out, for example.  

Talk with bulk water delivery companies, such as Renehan's, for more information and options.