what goes into planning a custom-built swimming pool?

3 Benefits To Installing An Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you love the idea of having a pool in your backyard for you and all of your family and friends to enjoy, then you should look into all of the amazing above ground pool options. These pools are structurally sound, and there are so many different above ground pools for you to choose from. This article will discuss 3 awesome benefits that come along with installing an above ground swimming pool in your backyard. 

They Are Much More Affordable Than Inground Pools

If cost is a big issue for you, then you can rest easy knowing that above ground pools are much more affordable than inground pools. On average an inground pool costs anywhere from $30,000-70,000, making them way out of budget for many people. On the other hand, the average cost for an above ground pool is only $4,000-12,000. This lower cost takes the idea of getting a pool from a dream to a reality. Your above ground pool can come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can get the exact pool that is going to work the best for your family and your needs. 

You Can Build A Deck Around An Above Ground Pool 

With an above ground swimming pool, you have the option to build an amazing wood deck around it. This deck will give you, your family, and your friends a wonderful place to set up chairs, a barbecue, or anything else that you would like. You can lay out next to the pool in a lounge chair while you aren't swimming and you can also add some tables with umbrellas so you can enjoy a meal outside by the pool. This takes your pool from being just a pool and turns it into a great location for entertaining, lounging, etc.  

Above Ground Pools Can Be Installed Quickly

If you don't want to wait all summer long for your pool to be completed, then an above ground pool may be a better option for you than an inground pool. An above ground pool can be set up within a day or so, and the water will simply needed to be added to the pool and then properly treated with chemicals. While adding extras like a deck are going to take time, the pool itself will still be ready for you to swim in and enjoy with your family and friends within just a couple of days.