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Starting At The Top -- 5 Tips For Protecting Your Hot Tub Cover

A new hot tub is an exciting and rejuvenating addition to any home, but it comes with some cost and work maintaining it. There are ways to keep those costs and effort to a minimum. One way to protect your investment and prevent unnecessary problems is to learn how to take good care of the spa cover.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your spa cover looking and feeling great.

Protect it in Place

Make sure to protect the cover from physical damage, especially in winter. You can secure it during unexpected storms by keeping it latched at all times. During stormy seasons, winter or when the hot tub is not being regularly used, go the extra step of using high-quality wind straps. These simple straps go across the width of the spa and are held in place by screws on the sides. 

Let it Air Out

Spa covers can develop mildew or a musty smell over time. The easiest way to prevent both problems is to remove the cover regularly and allow it to air dry. It's best to dry the cover in the sun, laying it out in an upside-down "V" shape. If you use the hot tub 3 or more times per week and place the cover in this position for at least an hour, you will probably find this sufficient. When not using the hot tub, be sure to keep a regular schedule drying the cover.

Wash it

If you do get any mildew on the cover, wash it as soon as possible. There are several easy ways to wash it. These include:

  • A solution of 10% bleach and 90% water
  • A similar solution of vinegar
  • Mild dish soap or hand soap diluted in water

Wash the cover with a nonabrasive material like a hand towel, a regular sponge or a soft-bristled brush. 

Keep Weight Off

Most spa owners know enough about the cover to try to keep kids and pets off it. It's also important to clear excess snow off the cover -- especially if snow accumulates to 10 inches or higher. This is particularly important if the cover is the original one that came with the hot tub because these covers can be made of cheaper, more basic material than covers bought separately. 

Condition it

Vinyl conditioner or protector can help keep the cover looking good for longer, especially if the spa is in the sunlight much of the day. Generally, conditioner should be reapplied quarterly. If you use conditioner on your vinyl, be sure to inspect the cover regularly for mildew. If mildew appears, wash the cover immediately and dry it out before reapplying the protector. 

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