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Does Your New Home Have A Damaged And Outdated Pool? A Couple Of Easy Fixes

If you have purchased an older home that has an outdated and poorly maintained pool on the property, you may be wondering what the easiest way to have it repaired is. You want to keep the cost as your main concern, and how long the repairs are going to take. You also want to ask what safety feature updates are available.

There are different pool options based on your budget, but a vinyl liner or fiberglass liners areboth popular and practical. Here are a few different reasons why you want to choose either of these options for your home.

Estimate for Liner and Concrete Repairs

First get an estimate to see what it will cost to have the liner removed and then the cracks or any damages in the concrete repaired. Tree roots and other shifts in the ground can cause the concrete to crack and you'll want to have it repaired before you put another liner in. You may need to have large sections of the foundation of the pool replaced and repaired. Ask how long this will take and what the breakdown will be for labor and materials.

Cost for a Fiberglass Insert

It may be more time and cost efficient to have a fiberglass insert put in, instead of having the pool redone. The fiberglass insert can be ordered and installed within just a couple of weeks after you get the consultation, and there are a lot of perks to having a fiberglass pool for the home.

The fiberglass is smooth so you won't scrape the body or snag swimwear, and it also doesn't absorb bacteria. The fiberglass is flexible so it can withstand the shifting and changing of the ground around it over time. The fiberglass shell is impermeable so you won't have to worry about animals or debris poking or scratching like you would worry with a vinyl liner.

If you aren't sure what pool is going to be the best for you ask the pool contractor, such as All-American Pools, if they can show you pictures of both pools, and what they suggest for your area and climate. You should also look into getting a weight bearing liner to keep people and things out, along with a locking liner. There are also pool alarms you can get to signal when someone is the pool. Once you have the cost you can decide what pool you want, and then you can take the time to add the necessary safety features.