what goes into planning a custom-built swimming pool?

3 Features To Consider For An In-Ground Swimming Pool

Do you want an in-ground swimming pool installed in your backyard and have not decided what kind you should get? There are actually several great features that you can add to your in-ground swimming pool. This article will give you a general idea of the type of features that you can invest in so you will know exactly what to get and can hire a swimming pool contractor to begin the project.

Give the Water in Your Pool More Appeal

Rather than getting a swimming pool installed that will have the typical color of blue water, you can opt for fiber optic lighting. You will be able to choose from a variety of colors. There are also fiber optic lighting systems that can keep changing between multiple colors. Each time that the lights change colors, the water in your swimming pool will change colors as well. Fiber optic lights can be great for making a nighttime pool party more appealing to guests.

Enjoy Beauty & Relaxation with a Spill Over Spa

There is nothing like being able to relax in a spa in your own backyard. A spa will help you relax because it has powerful jets in it that will make the water bubble up. The powerful movement of water created by the jets can massage your body. The warmth of the spa will also help you relax and release tension in your body. Rather than opting for a regular spa, you can get one that has a waterfall that spills over into the main swimming pool. The sound of the water spilling over into the swimming pool can be relaxing, while also making your pool area more appealing.

Keep the Pool Water Cleaner

One of the beneficial features that you should consider for your in-ground swimming pool is an automatic cleaner. An automatic pool cleaner is able to kill bacteria that are in the water, which means that you can get away with using lower amounts of chlorine. When less chlorine is used, it means that you won't have to experience irritation in your eyes as much. The equipment can also keep the amount of minerals in the water under control so you won't have a problem with limescale accumulating on any parts like the lights. Get in touch with a swimming pool contractor in your area so you can purchase one and get the features that you want installed at the same time.