what goes into planning a custom-built swimming pool?

Two Unique Pool Designs To Consider When Building A New House

The best time to have a lavish inground pool built is during the construction stage of your home building process. If you wait until your home is up and finished, and the property landscaped, then you don't have as much flexibility with regards to placement of the pool. You might want a pool to be placed right outside of your back door, but the slope of the ground might be too steep (or too flat in the case of a vanishing edge pool). Major landscaping close to the house can undermine the foundation and it's best done beforehand during the initial build. With that said, here are two unique designs to consider, each of which require particular landscaping issues that should be handled early on in the construction process.

Modern Style Disappearing Edge Pool

A disappearing edge pool is sometimes called an infinity pool. The name comes from the optical illusion that the water flows off into the horizon, without end. The edge of the pool is low enough so that you don't see it. Water will spill over, so a "catch pool" is built into the side that catches the spill over, filters it, and returns it to the main pool.

The tricky part about building an infinity pool is that it needs to be placed in area of your property with a good view. You can't install an infinity pool on a flat surface in your backyard, or rather you could but it would not take advantage of the pools ability to create that stunning optical illusion.

During the construction of your new home you should have the pool contractors come in and pick the best location. Ideally it will be situated at a high vantage point so that when you're in the pool the edge looks to bleed into the horizon. If you're planning on having the pool in your backyard, then the pool contractors will need to have the construction workers grade the property so that is slopes down, unless there is a natural downward slope.

Natural Swimming Pool

A disappearing edge pool is great for a modern home design, but if you are looking for a more natural looking pool, one that mimics the style of a pond or natural body of water, then you should get a pool contractor that specializes in natural swimming pools. Not only do these pools blend into the property as if they are part of the landscape, but they don't require the chemicals and filtration systems that regular pools do.

These pools do require quite a bit of initial work, and this entails extensive landscaping, so it's a good idea to get it done during the initial phase of construction so bulldozers and backhoes can move freely about your property. First, the main issue is that there are actually two "pools". The main pool is the swimming section; the second smaller pool is where the filtration takes place. In this smaller pool the pool contractor will plant special aquatic plants that will filter the water and keep it clean. There are no pumps, chlorine, or other traditional pool equipment. So you end up with what looks like a pond, but is actually a natural swimming pool. The edge of the pool will be surrounded by large boulders, plants, riverstone, or other natural items (not the typical cement or brick layout).

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