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Thinking About A Hot Tub? 3 Things To Know

Hot tubs can offer year-round enjoyment and are a great addition to many homes. They can soothe sore and tired muscles and are great for relaxation. Hot tubs are also available in various configurations and in a range of price points. Finding the right hot tub for your needs and within your budget is easier than ever. If you are considering adding a hot tub to your home, here are three things that you should keep in mind. 

Your Options

The first thing that you will want to consider is your options. There are various types of hot tubs to choose from. The two main types of hot tubs are portable models that can be moved around, and built-in in-ground hot tubs that stay in one place and are sunken into the ground. Portable hot tubs are typically more affordable, but in-ground hot tubs offer a more spa-like and upscale feel. Hot tub shells can be made from a variety of materials including concrete, gunite, fiberglass, fiberglass, vinyl, and other materials. Built-in lighting, speakers, and jets are additional features to consider when looking at your options.

The Cost

Another thing to consider is the cost of a hot tub. Costs vary significantly depending on the type of hot tub you choose, its size, and the features you decide to go with. Generally, portable hot tubs are less expensive than in-ground hot tubs. Above ground, portable hot tubs can cost as little as $320 and up to $17,000. If you are on a budget, a portable hot tub is likely to be your best option. In-ground hot tubs range in price on average between $15,000 and $20,000. In-ground hot tubs are more difficult to install and construct.

How Long It Will Last

If you are looking at adding a hot tub, you will also want to consider how long it will last. The lifespan of a hot tub will vary depending on the material used and whether it's a portable or in-ground model. Low-end hot tubs tend to last for only five years. Mid-range models will typically last for around a decade. High-end models can last for upwards of 20 years. Of course, how long your hot tub lasts will also depend on how well you care for and maintain it.

If you are thinking about adding a hot tub, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, there are various options to choose from, including portable hot tubs and in-ground models. Costs can vary, with portable models being the most affordable option. How long your hot tub will last will depend on the model you choose and how well you care for it.