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2 Minor Pool Repairs You Can DIY

Swimming pools can last for quite some time with proper care and maintenance, but with time you may encounter a problem or two (or more). Some you may be able to handle on your own, while others may require some help by the professionals. If your pool is really old, it may require an entire replacement, such as your pool walls are rusting away. This can be dangerous and your pool could collapse without notice. This type of repair/replacement should be handled by the professionals. If your pool has a minor issue that needs to be repaired, you can probably handle it yourself. Read on for a few minor issues and how you can repair them.

1. Liner Replacement

The pool liner is most likely going to go out long before the walls or any other part of your pool. It can occur if your liner is scratched or or scraped by something sharp, or it can occur if your liner has something metal on it that rusts through. Another issue that could cause your liner to tear or rot is if you allow the water level to get too low, it could dry rot in the sunlight. If your liner needs to be replaced, simply empty the water from the pool, remove the rails and clips below, then cut out the old liner. Install the new liner by lining it up properly and unfolding it so there is an even amount hanging over the sides of the pool. Add the clips and rails, while simultaneously adding water to the pool. Continue to add the rails and fill the pool with water.

2. Rail/Clip Replacement

The rails and the metal clips below can rust, leaving rust particles going into your swimming pool. These particles of rust can put a hole in your liner and be a danger to those swimming in your pool. Replace these rails if they are rusted by taking a measurement of the rail and going to your pool supply store for replacement pieces. Remove the caps, rails and clips, then install the new pieces. Do this for each of the rails/clips in your pool that have rusted.

These are just a few of the issues you could encounter with your pool, and ones you can repair on your own. If you have a major issue with your pool, or even if you have a minor problem you aren't sure how to repair on your own, hire a swimming pool repair professional to help you.