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Issues That Can Arise From Ignoring a Pool Leak

As a responsible pool owner, it's important to be cognizant of the water level in your pool at all times. While the pool's level can decrease on occasion — perhaps as a result of a crowded pool party in which a lot of participants were jumping into the water and splashing it over the edge of the pool — there are times that you might notice an inexplicable drop in the water level. This isn't something to ignore. Instead, you'll want to contact a local swimming pool contractor who can perform a leak detection. This process will determine the location and extent of the leak, which will be the first step in fixing the problem. Here are some issues that can arise if you ignore a pool leak.

Rising Water and Heating Costs

One problem that you'll definitely face as a result of ignoring a pool leak is an increase in your water and heating bills. If you shrug off an apparent leak and continue to add water to the pool with your hose, your household water usage will rise — and lead to higher bills, too. Because the water from the hose is cold, your pool heater will have to work hard to warm the new water, thus resulting in higher heating bills, too.

Potential Yard Damage

There are scenarios in which various types of damage could occur in your yard as a result of a pool leak that you've ignored. If you were to have a serious leak, the water could potentially cause major erosion wherever it flows. For example, a leak could destabilize the earth in a nearby garden, causing it to erode significantly. This could be a concern for any homeowner who puts a lot of time and money into landscaping in the areas around the pool.

Pool Shell Damage

Depending on the type of swimming pool you have, a leak could result in serious damage to the pool shell. The pool liner is designed to contain the water, but even a small tear in this liner could cause water to come into contact with the metal shell of the pool or other metal elements — something that should not happen. Constant exposure to the water could lead to serious damage to the shell, potentially to the point at which you need to replace it. A local pool contractor can perform a swimming pool leak detection to determine the problem and then help you with the next steps to take.