what goes into planning a custom-built swimming pool?

Different Options To Build An In-Ground Pool For Your Home Before Summer

You may be considering different options to add a pool to your home before the summer months arrive. Today, many options can give you an attractive pool design for your home. In-ground designs are still some of the best options to consider for your home. The following in-ground pool designs will help you create the perfect outdoor space.

The In-Ground Pool Materials

When you are building an in-ground pool, there are many different choices for the materials. These materials can be standard shapes and sizes or custom-built designs with a variety of solutions. Options for the materials used to build your custom pool include:

  • Concrete construction with an affordable plaster surface
  • Concrete construction with tile finishes for a more custom pool surface design
  • Fiberglass materials with custom features for in-ground pool designs
  • Custom vinyl liner for an affordable solution

The choices of in-ground pool surfaces can give you more options for design features. You may want to combine the use of different materials for the design requirements of your custom pool.

Extras for Custom In-Ground Pool Designs

There are also options for extra design features that you may want to consider for your pool. The extras that you can have added to your pool construction project include:

  • Integrated water for custom pool designs
  • Hot tub to create additional relaxing spaces
  • Natural rock features and cave grottos

You may want to create a separate outdoor space. Building the custom hot tub separately can be good if you plan on using it during the winter months.

The Best Equipment Solutions for New In-Ground Pools

When you are building a custom pool, you want to choose the right equipment too. Options for a custom design with modern pool equipment include:

  • Variable-speed pumps for energy-efficient filtration
  • Dynamic Earth (DE) and salt filtration to improve water quality
  • Natural filtration for a chemical-free pool design

The pool filtration can even be a natural design to reduce upkeep costs and improve water quality. If you are using a natural pool filtration system, the equipment that needs to be installed will be slightly different than conventional pumps and filters.

The Best Deck Surfacing Materials Around In-Ground Pools

Lastly, you will have to consider the materials used for the pool deck surface. You want to use materials that are safe and slip-resistant. Modern porous pavements made from recycled rubber and plastics are a great option for the deck surface. In addition, you want to make sure safety skimmer covers are installed when building an in-ground pool.

The addition of a pool for your home can be a great project to start before summer. Contact an in-ground pool construction contractor in your area to ask about these custom designs for your project.