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Is It Time To Resurface Your Pool?

Do you have a pool with a plaster surface? If so, you're likely wondering if it is time to resurface it. Here are some signs that indicate you need to have this job done.

Peeling And Flaking

You want to look out for areas that are peeling and flaking, which usually happen along the steps first, as this is where there is heavy traffic. The peeling and flaking process is not reversible.  Once it starts, it is very hard to fix without completely resurfacing the pool.

Surface Stains

There are two kinds of surface stains that you may see in your pool. One is caused by calcium and the other is from copper staining. You'll see either bluish-gray color on the walls of your pool or a crystal-like deposit on the surface. This not only looks bad but is a problem that gets worse over time. You can typically acid wash the surface when you first notice the problem, but over time the discoloration will be set in and require pool resurfacing. 


Does your pool feel rough on your toes? You may notice that your feet hurt after walking on the surface, and sometimes the surface is rough enough to cause cuts. This can happen gradually over time or from acid washing the pool surface too frequently. 

Eggshell Cracking

One problem that happens when a pool is left empty is that cracks will open up and become larger. It will almost look like a cracked eggshell that only expands over time as the pool remains empty. This can be enough to justify resurfacing. That's because the cracks only get larger over time rather than remain the same.

Structural Cracking

You can also run into problems with the structure of the pool forming a crack if the ground underneath starts to shift. Not only does this require extensive repair work by using an epoxy injection to fill the crack, but it will leave the pool surface in a condition that requires resurfacing.

Material Loss

If you have a pool surface with a texture, such as one that is made out of pebbles, it is possible that you simply lost a lot of those materials from the surface over time. This is due to aggressive water chemistry used to keep the pool clean, or it simply happens over time. Either way, this is the type of damage that means you need to have the pool resurfaced. Contact a pool resurfacing company for more information.