what goes into planning a custom-built swimming pool?

What To Expect With An Above Ground Pool Installation

Having a pool installed is a very exciting time. You get to relax and enjoy your swimming pool in your very own backyard and you get to swim anytime you want. If you are going to be having an above ground pool installed in your yard, you may want to know what you can anticipate with the installation. Read on for a few things you can expect.

You're Going To Need A Building Permit

You'll need a building permit when the pool is being installed. As such, get to your local permit office to see if you need a permit and get one if required for this type of build in your yard. You are responsible for the building permit, so be sure you check into this before you have anyone at your house to install the pool in your yard. You don't want anything to get in the way of having your pool installed on the day it is supposed to be installed.

Your Utilities Should Be Marked

You need to be sure you get your local utility companies out to your home to mark your yard and to ensure the installers don't hit anything when they dig your yard out. You are responsible for this, so be sure to call them all out to your home and have your yard marked.

Your Yard Will Be Dug Out

Your above ground pool is above the ground, but the pool needs to be level, so the installers are going to need to dig your yard a bit to make it level. This means some heavy equipment is going to be driving around your yard. You're going to want to move things around your yard to be sure nothing is in their way. If you have a fence, you're going to need to make sure it can open up and allow for the heavy equipment to get through it. This also means that you are going to have a lot of dirt leftover in your yard. Be sure you have room in your yard for the dirt to go.

The Installation May Take A Day Or Two

The installation of your pool is more than likely only going to take a day, but they may need to come back the following day to set up your filter after the water fills up in the pool. The filter cannot run until the water fills in your swimming pool. At this time, the pump will also be set up.

If you are going to have an above ground pool installed in your yard, it can be an exciting time. Talk to the installation company about any questions you have regarding above ground pool installation