what goes into planning a custom-built swimming pool?

Should You Get A Concrete Or Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Are you ready to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard but are debating between getting a concrete or fiberglass pool? If so, it will help to know a few reasons why to get one of these two types of pools.

Fiberglass Pools

Have you been looking through catalogs and seen a fiberglass pool that comes in the shape, size, and color that you want? If so, then you should move forward with getting a fiberglass pool because one of the downsides to a fiberglass pool is that you do not have much control over those factors. Fiberglass pools are from the manufacturer, and many people feel quite limited by the designs. If you happen to find one that you like, then you have overcome one of the biggest downfalls of a fiberglass pool.

In addition, a fiberglass pool is going to have a faster installation time, which means that you will be swimming in your pool sooner than if you went with another material. The maintenance of a fiberglass pool is also going to be a lot less than other materials, making it easier to keep the fiberglass pool in great shape over the years.

Concrete Pools

The biggest advantage of a concrete pool is that you can custom design the pool to whatever you want. If you want to create a spa, variable depths, built-in benches, or anything of that nature, then you can do it with a concrete pool. The concrete is poured to the exact size and shape that you want it, making the customization a huge benefit of using the material.

The downside of concrete is that it can take a long time to construct a concrete pool. Between the construction process of digging and preparing for the concrete, and then the time it takes for the concrete to set and be ready for water, it can take months until your concrete pool is up and running. The concrete itself is also going to require more maintenance over the years. You will need to address cracks in the concrete as soon as you find them because you do not want to deal with crumbling concrete. Repairs often involve draining the pool, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Reach out to a swimming pool contractor in your area for more information on swimming pool construction. They can let you know more information about either material.