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Designing A Luxury Pool: Adding A Tropical Touch To Your Pool Design And What Factors To Consider

Are you ready to add a tropical paradise to your backyard? When designing a luxury pool oasis for your home, you want these design details to be subtle but still create the look you want. Thus, there are some things to consider when designing a luxury pool with a subtle touch of tropical paradise. The following luxury pool design information will help you add these subtle tropical paradise details to your new pool:

Start With the Pool Shape

Starting reviewing the various available pool shapes you can choose from. The most popular design is the kidney shape pool. This type of pool offers a pristine look since it has gently sloping sidewalls. This is a good starting point because of the natural curves of the design, but you might want something a little different for your pool.

Island Features in the Pool

Another option to consider if you want to add a touch of the tropics to your pool is an island. Islands can be created inside the pool and have tropical plants as part of the green scape. They can also be features like hot tubs, pool deck areas, or other features you might want to add to the design of your pool. You can even add more than one island and include different features.

Waterfeatures With Tropical Accents

Water features are another important aspects that you want to consider when adding a touch of tropical design. These features can be cascading waterfalls that include plants and rock gardens to help add various custom accents. In addition, water features are practical solutions for pools because they provide natural sounds, privacy, and interesting focal points.

Designing the Pool Deck and Landscaping

Pool decking, walls, stairs, rock work, and landscaping are integral parts of creating a poolscape that is visually appealing and promotes adventure. A swimming pool with vibrant landscaping makes you feel like you're on a faraway island while relaxing in your own backyard oasis. Add design features like green walls filled with tropical plants, stone walls, and privacy features. These design elements add a tropical touch to the design and a practical purpose by adding privacy to your outdoor space.

The addition of tropical design features can be subtle accents that complete the design of your natural pool. Contact a luxury pool service to start planning your luxurious tropical paradise in your backyard. They can provide further information regarding luxury swimming pools.