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Swimming Pool Maintenance Every Pool Owner Should Be Aware Of

Swimming pools don't just take care of themselves, they need your care in order for them to be long-lasting. If you aren't doing your part in taking care of your swimming pool, it's going to start getting green, then the water will turn black, then after awhile, stains will set into your pool liner. Once the pool liner has stains, they're going to eat through the liner. After you get holes in the liner, it could not just leak, it could tear the entire pool apart. This is why pool maintenance is so important, not to mention you want your pool water safe for those swimming in it. Read on for some pool maintenance tips to help you keep your pool in good shape.

Add Pool Chemicals

Make sure you are using pool chemicals for your swimming pool to keep the water clean and clear, and safe. If you are trying to use chemicals such as bleach, your pool isn't going to be safe for swimming. You need to use the right type of chemicals, and the right levels of chemicals as well. If you aren't sure what type of chemicals to use, consult your local pool supply store to see what type you need to add by bringing in a pool water sample. You can also test the water yourself with a water testing kit. Test the water chemical levels every couple of days and add the right chemicals when necessary.

Add Water

If your pool doesn't have enough water, it's going to hinder the filter and pump's ability to clean your pool. Your pool water should be filled halfway up the skimmer opening. There's usually a line on the skimmer opening to use as a reference. Fill the pool with more water whenever necessary to ensure your filter and pump are being able to do what they are supposed to do, which is cleaning your pool's water.

Run Your Filter And Pump

If you only run your pump and filter a handful of hours per day, your water may not be as clean as it should be and the water won't be stirred up as it should be to keep it moving. Stirring up the water helps to keep dirt and other debris from settling to the bottom, which can leave your pool dirty and could stain the liner. Keep your pool's filter and pump running, at least during the daytime hours.

If you have a swimming pool, you need to understand what it takes to maintain it. If you aren't able to keep up with the maintenance work a pool requires, hire a professional to do this work for you.