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Equipment Problems That Could Impact Your Swimming Pool

A modern swimming pool will have a number of different pieces of equipment that it will have to use to keep the water clean and sanctuary. When some of the pool's equipment starts to fail, it could quickly become a serious problem if the necessary repairs are not completed.

Obstructions Are Not the Only Issues That Your Pool's Pump Can Experience

The pump is one of the most visible and important pieces of equipment that your pool will utilize. If the pump were to become obstructed or otherwise clogged, it could prevent it from being able to filter out the debris from the water while potentially causing the pump to burn itself out. If you are noticing that the pump has started to experience performance problems, it should be inspected by a pool equipment repair technician as soon as possible to avoid the risk of permanent damage occurring to it. You can help to avoid this problem from developing by being diligent with emptying the strainer baskets that catch leaves and other larger pieces of debris.

Heating Elements Can Fail and Need to Be Replaced

A heating system is capable of extending the swimming season by allowing you to continue to use the pool when the temperature starts to drop. Not surprisingly, problems with the pool's heating system can be very noticeable when the temperature outside is cooler than normal. Depending on the type of heating system that you are using for your pool, it can be possible for one or more of the heating elements to malfunction, and this could greatly reduce the heat output of the system. While it is possible to replace your pool's faulty heating element, this can be a fairly complicated repair that should always be left to a pool equipment repair provider.

Automated Cover Systems Can Suffer Motor Failures

Covering the pool is important for keeping debris out of the water when you are not actively using the pool. While traditional covers are cumbersome to put into place, many pools have automated cover systems that can be deployed with a remote or control panel. Unfortunately, the motors that retract and extend this cover can malfunction or become jammed. Luckily, this is a repair that can generally be fairly affordable and quick to repair as a pool technician will be able to identify the faulty motor and replace it. To prevent this problem in the future, these technicians should also be used to periodically service the automatic cover system so that the motors can be cleaned and lubricated at regular intervals.

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