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Three Hot Tub Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore

Hot tubs can be very fickle machines if they are not looked after carefully, and there are going to be at least a few times when you need to have them repaired by a professional. There are simply too many different components involved in a hot tub for them to last for decades without needing some maintenance. However, the level of repairs depends on how quickly you act. Here are a few warning signs that you need to pay attention to so that you can get your spa repaired before it gets even worse and costs you a great deal more. 

Lukewarm Temperature

If, when you adjust the heating on your hot tub, it is very slow or, in fact, doesn't respond at all, then you have a serious issue on your hands. After all, a hot tub is famous for being hot and soothing on your body, and even though you might enjoy the cool water in summer, this is not something you should let exist for long. Hot tub or spa repair contractors are good at finding the problem components in a matter of minutes, and from there, it is a simple job of either checking if they have the replacement part, or going back to their warehouse and getting it.

Certain Sections Not Responding

In a spa, most people will have a few different jets and other features that will make it more comfortable for everyone involved. On each seat, there can be up to ten or more jets, and if they stop working, then it becomes very noticeable. If only one section of your spa stops working and the rest are still going, then you may want to turn the whole thing off and wait for an inspection before continuing on. Often you can avoid the problem spreading further by acting quickly. 

Loud Thumping Noises

If certain components in the internal parts of your hot tub are not secured properly or are getting old and worn out, then they can have a tendency to move around and this creates a lot of noise. If you can hear a semi-regular thumping noise then you are lucky because you can get this issue fixed before it fully comes loose. While you might not want to fix something that still works, if you let it continue in this fashion, it won't last for long and the repairs for a complete overhaul cost much more. 

Contact a local spa repair service, such as Budget Pool & Spa Tech Inc, to learn more.