Starting At The Top -- 5 Tips For Protecting Your Hot Tub Cover

A new hot tub is an exciting and rejuvenating addition to any home, but it comes with some cost and work maintaining it. There are ways to keep those costs and effort to a minimum. One way to protect your investment and prevent unnecessary problems is to learn how to take good care of the spa cover. Here are 5 tips for keeping your spa cover looking and feeling great. [Read More]

Switching To A Saltwater Chlorination System

Are you tired of adding chemicals to your pool every week in an effort to get the chemical balance right? Typically, you should test your pool water 2 to 3 times a week. You don't want the pool to acidic or too basic. An acceptable pH is around 7.2 to 7.6. By switching to a saltwater chlorination system, you could reduce the amount of maintenance on your pool and enjoy healthier water your family can swim in. [Read More]

Debunking The Most Common Myths About Swimming Pool Maintenance

Being a pool owner can be an amazing experience. On the hottest of days, you and your family get to enjoy much-needed solace from the heat. Unfortunately, both above- and below-ground pools require a fair amount of maintenance in order to avoid expensive problems and repairs. You can always hire a professional swimming pool service like Guaranteed Pool Service & Repair or others to take care of most of your pool maintenance, but it's a lot cheaper to do it yourself. [Read More]

Spa Experiences That Can Help You Detox

If you're concerned about the toxins that your body is ingesting everyday, there are fortunately ways that you can remove these toxins and begin to feel healthier and more energized, especially at a spa. Health spas are not only designed to give you a pampered experience, but are also designed to help you learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. There are also specific treatments designed to help you detox. [Read More]