Issues That Can Arise From Ignoring a Pool Leak

As a responsible pool owner, it's important to be cognizant of the water level in your pool at all times. While the pool's level can decrease on occasion — perhaps as a result of a crowded pool party in which a lot of participants were jumping into the water and splashing it over the edge of the pool — there are times that you might notice an inexplicable drop in the water level. [Read More]

Adding The Right Hot Tub For Outdoor Spaces

When you are designing outdoor spaces for your home, you want to have the right features. Today, there are options for hot tubs that can complete your project with relaxing spa spaces that you can use all year. So, what type of hot tub and features will you add to your outdoor space this year? Choosing the right size and style of the hot tub When it comes to the size and style of a spa, there are a lot of choices. [Read More]

Designing A Spa-Pool Combination That Works In Your Backyard

The addition of a spa or jacuzzi to a pool (either existing or planned) means you're going to have a very relaxing backyard. Not only will you have the big pool for exercise and splashing about, but you'll have the warmer, soothing spa where you'll be able to sit and enjoy just being quiet. The spa can be separate from the pool or integrated into the pool, and each configuration affects water usage, access, and temperature. [Read More]

2 Minor Pool Repairs You Can DIY

Swimming pools can last for quite some time with proper care and maintenance, but with time you may encounter a problem or two (or more). Some you may be able to handle on your own, while others may require some help by the professionals. If your pool is really old, it may require an entire replacement, such as your pool walls are rusting away. This can be dangerous and your pool could collapse without notice. [Read More]