Factors To Consider Before Filling Your Pool With Water From The Hose

Traditionally, people would just pop their water hose in their pool after the pool construction was completed in order to fill it up. The problem is that there are a few issues with using this approach. Here's some information about using hoses for filling up your pool as well as an alternative. Water Bills and Regulations The bill for using water through your hose could actually be higher than if you used other methods. [Read More]

Keeping A Hotel's Pool Tile Looking Great

If you run a small hotel, you may also be in charge of taking care of the pool. A hotel pool gets a lot of use on a daily basis, and this makes it very important for you to stay on top of its condition. If you are diligent about cleaning the tile in the hotel pool, then it won't get out of control and will always look great. By following the tips below, you can keep the tile in your hotel's pool looking great without a lot of work. [Read More]